Tailor-made communication projects that include:

  • customer needs analysis, targets and final objectives definition
  • graphic/creative materials developing to support the project
  • development of a creative project, structured and implemented according to need, always in connection with the main trends of the moment
  • implementation of marketing and communication strategies on different media.

Planning and

Events planning and production:

  • format development
  • search and selection of the location
  • research and management of contacts with suppliers, partners, influencers, guests
  • event production with a team of dedicated professionals
  • realization of all useful materials on site, of promotional and communication materials.


Thanks to our wide in sports and lifestyle, we can:

  • contact any influential personality for sponsorship campaigns
  • manage the supply chain contacts with the various players to guarantee preferential access channels
  • reduce intermediaries, maximizing the company’s investment.


Commercial updates on trends and industry opportunities through:

  • a day-by-day contact with an information flow from the sporting and lifestyle world
  • a continuous exchange of proposals between the partner companies and the main market stakeholders.